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Berger Blanc Suisse Puppies For Sale

As a dedicated dog breeder, our goal is to produce White Swiss Shepherds that are the epitome of athleticism, intelligence, loyalty, and agility. Our puppies are bred for health, temperament and long-term companionship. From birth to their first vet visit and beyond, our puppies are given the best care possible. At eight weeks old, they are ready to be shipped anywhere in the US; ask us about shipping . Give us a call today to see our puppies or to ask us any questions! 727.642.5820

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Vom Hundhaus Shepherds is the Berger Blanc Suisse dog breeder in the US. We specialize in breeding White Swiss Shepherds that are not only beautiful, but also intelligent and loyal. Our Sire, Leo, is a young long coat male who comes from our male patriarch Ryujin who is now a 13 year old senior, and our Dam, Alaska, is a long coat large female from Serbia with excellent athleticism. Both possess exceptional qualities that have helped make them some of the best dogs around. Our puppies are meticulously cared for and receive all necessary medical attention and vaccinations. When you purchase a puppy from Vom Hundhaus Shepherds, you can be sure you are getting a happy, healthy, and well-socialized animal.

We are proud to have been awarded the preferred breeder badge from GoodDog for our commitment to excellence. Our program is specifically designed to produce healthy, well-tempered pups that are sure to become excellent family pets. Our breeding program also includes a series of genetic and health testing to ensure we are producing the best possible puppies. We go to great lengths to make sure that each puppy is born into a loving, nurturing environment, and we continue to provide that same level of care until it's time for them to join their new families.

  • Life Time Support

  • Health Guarantee

  • Loyal Companion

  • Unconditional Love

  • Protector

  • Service, Sport, Agility, Fly Ball the skies the limit

Reservations will be taken when breeding takes place. We cannot predict the outcome of the litter, size, etc.
Picks are According to Reservation Number

Payments are Cash, Venmo, GoodDog,Cashapp (for credit & debit cards, wires from bank accounts with GoodDog Payment Guarantee)

Vom Hundhaus Shepherds payment option
Vom Hundhaus Certified Breeder

Please do NOT make a payment until signed approved contract!

To register a litter born in the USA with a FCI Registration, because the USA is not a country participating in FCI the sire and dam must be registered with the Kennel Club of Puerto Rico, and the litters registered through them also. This will allow you to have the puppies registered with the FCI. We do not see any need to register our FCI dogs with the Kennel Club of Puerto Rico, it is afterall a club like the AKC and UKC. To do this just so we can say I have an FCI Registered Puppy is not reason enough to register all my dogs with the kennel club of Puerto Rico.

It is best for the consumer to understand what the breed is, are they from an ethical breeder, and the quality of the breeding stock and do they conform to the standards of a Berger Blanc Suisse Shepherd.

Do not let the club registries confuse the situation.. 

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