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Fall 2022 Litters
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Keko x Yeti
Take Home November 19,  2022
1 Male Puppy Available!!


Keko is a long coat female. She is a very sweet animal. Keko loves her walks and her peeps. She is a sweet, loving calm animal, an awesome demeanor. Yeti is a large long thick coated male, with a strong athletic build. Yeti is a very typey Berger Blanc Suisse. Expect  pups with long coats, athletic, great temperament. Sport, Service, Estate Protection, Loyal Family Companions.

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Your Puppy is not reserved until we are in receipt of your deposit.

Please do NOT make a payment until signed approved contract!

To register a litter born in the USA with a FCI Registration, because the USA is not a country participating in FCI the sire and dam must be registered with the Kennel Club of Puerto Rico, and the litters registered through them also. This will allow you to have the puppies registered with the FCI. We do not see any need to register our FCI dogs with the Kennel Club of Puerto Rico, it is afterall a club like the AKC and UKC. To do this just so we can say I have an FCI Registered Puppy is not reason enough to register all my dogs with the kennel club of Puerto Rico.

It is best for the consumer to understand what the breed is, are they from an ethical breeder, and the quality of the breeding stock and do they conform to the standards of a Berger Blanc Suisse Shepherd.

Do not let the club registries confuse the situation.. 

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