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At Vom Hundhaus Shepherds, we are dedicated to breeding high-quality dogs that are sure to steal your heart. We have a strict breeding program in place, ensuring that every parent is genetically tested and hip/elbow certified before being paired. Our dogs are not only beautiful but also have excellent temperaments, making them ideal family pets. We are proud to offer a health guarantee on all of our puppies, giving our clients peace of mind.


At Vom Hundhaus Shepherds, we take immense pride in breeding the finest and most loyal Berger Blanc Suisse. Our dogs are known for their intelligence, agile nature, and striking appearance. We make sure that each dog is healthy, happy, and socialized, so they will make the perfect addition to any family. Our passion lies in breeding dogs that are not only beautiful but also make excellent companions.

Pictures From our Facebook Page

Welcome to our Facebook page live picture stream, where you can witness the joy and love we have for our dogs. Our passion for Berger blanc suisse dogs has driven us to become a well-established breeder, producing healthy, intelligent, and amazing dogs that will make great additions to any family. Become part of our community and get to learn more about us and our furry friends. You can also choose to become a fan of our breed and keep up to date with news and events from our breeding center. Join us and let's celebrate our love for dogs together!

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